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There is a saying "Begin with the end in mind." Financial planning is more than investments. Investing without a plan is like driving without a destination. Whether your dreams include a new home, paying for college, a wedding, or retirement, without a plan, you may not know if you are on the right path.

Attaining financial flexibility is also more than investments. Your dreams and goals are impacted by your values and all aspects of your financial life; from budgeting to estate planning, and everything in between.

At MVK Financial Planning, you are in charge. Financial Planning is a process of identifying dreams, prioritizing them, and setting forth a plan that provides the best opportunity of attaining your goals. We assist in turning your dreams into goals through a customized written plan addressing your unique circumstances. Your plan may be specific to one goal, or it may be comprehensive, addressing several aspects of your financial future. You decide what dreams we will discuss and focus on. Your game plan will contain some or all of the following areas.
An assessment of your current financial position.
Budget Planning and Debt Management
Retirement Planning
Education Planning
Investment Planning
Insurance Planning
Charitable Gift Planning
Legacy/Estate Planning
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